wedding lawn


Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sparkling tree-lined lake and the majestic Cascade Mountain range as you prepare to say, "I do." The evening sunset will be a standing ovation to your perfect day. Our lovely wrought iron arch can be decorated to your taste. Hand-poured Tuscan columns offer a picturesque backdrop for your vows.




Once an equestrian riding arena, the Green Gates ballroom boasts 3,000 square feet of rustic elegance. The semi-translucent wall panels allow natural light to flood the ballroom while keeping any bad weather at bay. The warm glow of the stylish chandeliers will set the romantic mood for dinner. Dimming the chandeliers creates the perfect atmosphere for the after-dinner dance party! The complimentary projector and retractable screen will further entertain your guests with your personalized slide show.


groom's cabin


At first glance, the Groom's Cabin may appear to be the original homestead at Green Gates. From 100-year-old hand sawn logs and 130-year-old Pennsylvania slate, the cabin was meticulously reconstructed using materials salvaged from vintage European and American farm houses and other historic structures.

The Douglas Fir logs were once the hay loft floor, posts, and beams in a dairy barn on Fobes Hill in Snohomish originally built in 1909. The elegant leaded stained glass windows were acquired from a 100 year old farm house in England.

 The cabin’s Pennsylvania “Peach Bottom” slate roof tiles were the original roof on the Kinnear mansion on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle which was built in 1888. The mansion was demolished in 1958 and the salvaged slate sat in an Edmonds back yard for the next 52 years, waiting to be discovered and reclaimed as the Groom's Cabin roof at Green Gates.

 The solid Douglas Fir door with iron strap hinges was handcrafted by Green Gates’ owner/builder using materials salvaged from the Fobes Hill dairy barn.  

The ceiling beams were salvaged from the Wonderland Park boathouse here on Flowing Lake, originally built in 1940.


bridal cottage


Looking at it these days, it's hard to imagine that it was the original three-stall horse barn on the estate. The Victorian-inspired Bridal Cottage at Green Gates is a lovely, comfortable, and spacious room in which you and your bridal party can prepare for your big day. With many large mirrors, electrical outlets, great lighting, heating and air conditioning, everyone will feel right at home while getting ready, all while enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake and wedding lawn.



bar 2 - Alexa's Catering.jpg

As with most everything at Green Gates, the bar was constructed using salvaged, re-purposed vintage lumber. The white-washed chipped paint siding came from a barn in the Snohomish Valley.  The lath wall paneling inside the bar was re-claimed from a 1926 West Seattle home. The heavy wooden bar top itself was rescued from the original 1940 workshop here at Green Gates. The bar sports an Old West storefront vibe that your guests will adore.


rose garden


One of the many special places at Green Gates where spectacular photos and memories are made!  Inhale the fragrant aroma of the antique climbing roses  on the ornate iron gazebo as you see your love for your First Look. Even your guests will be drawn to the rose garden to enjoy the panoramic view along with their glass of wine.